Discover new and fun techniques to produce drinks and then surprise your best friends with a quality that will make you an excellent host.

Matiz Pombalina Bar holds Cocktail Workshop sessions aimed at closed groups in team building situations or in a genaral business context, as well as for private groups on occasions of celebrations of any kind.

These sessions are for non-professionals who wish to acquire basic knowledge to “make at home”. Each session lasts approximately 3 hours.
The workshop is eminently practical. There is only a theoretical introduction of about 15 minutes on the general rules of operation of a bar, beverage mixing techniques and production cocktails. In this workshop each participant is then asked to rehearse the main production techniques (etc. amounts of measurements) and acompor a cocktail of your choice from the bar list, monitored by the bartender . This cocktail is tasted by all participants at the end of the session elect the best cocktail produced.

The price per person for each session  is 35 € .

Assignment includes the cocktail produced by each participant, the materials used in the session, a Cocktails Preparation Practical Handbook with recipes and a certificate of attendance allusive to the event. Prior booking required.

Groups of minimum 8 and maximum of 15 participants. Compulsory reserve with a minimum of 1 week in advance.