Cocktails Tasting

Cocktails have a touch of charm, elegance … glamour. Legends like Tom Cruise and Jessica Parker, or even the James Bond, knew it. If you had never had the opportunity to know more about this fantastic world, the Cocktail Flavor Odyssey is a unique experience in Lisbon. The Cocktail Flavor Odyssey is composed of 8 samples of classic and signature cocktails served in 4 Cl tasting glasses. Your choice for 35€ per person

Rum Canero and Rum Opthimus Tasting

Pursuing the best quality , Matiz became exclusive importer and representative of Rum Canero and Rum Opthimus for Portugal. The Matiz Pombalina Bar offers a quality range of different kinds of rum from Dominican Rep. crafted with small batches, faithful to the traditions of its origin. Rum lovers, or just curious to understand the origins of this so famous spirit, can now test in Matiz, a collection of 5 samples x 2 Cl of different rums, chosed by you between 12 and 25 years old, in barrils previously used for aging Oporto Wine, Whisky, Cognac, Sauternes, Cherry, for 45€ .

Whisky Tasting

For those who knows the excellence of single malt, Matiz Cocktail Bar offers a tasting of the most representative samples of the most important regions of Single Malt: From Scotland (Isley, Speyside, Highlands, Skye), Japan , Canada , Ireland, and American Bourbon. The Whisky Single Malt tasting is available in 5 samples X 2 Cl proof glasses, from a selection of your choice, for 45€.